Natural Disasters In The Gambia

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Natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, droughts, volcanic eruptions, and landslides constitute a major problem in many developing and developed countries. Many nations experienced fatalities and injuries, property damage, and economic and social disruption resulting from natural disasters. Flood disaster has a very special place in natural hazards. In The Gambia (West-Africa), floods have been a major natural hazard, affecting the country over the last decade. Floods and windstorms have affected nearly 34,000 people during the rainy season between September and October 2012 and almost 20% (7,745 people) of the affected population were displaced while 13 people were reported to have died either through drowning or by collapsed structures.(1) Basse is one of the urban areas in The Gambia that faces frequent flooding events in each rainy season due to inadequate or in some areas lack of drainage system, topographic nature, urban development in flood prone areas and poor management of solid waste. All these human actions lead to flood hazards during every rainy season.…show more content…
So, with regards to that, Kaba-Kama and Basse-Layout (two sub-districts of Basse town) were selected due to their proximity to the River Gambia and their historic flood events. These two communities are subject to river and urban floods. River floods occur seasonally when rains water fills river basins too quickly, and the river overflows its banks, while urban floods occur when water flows into an urban region in a relatively short period of time and inundate the area with several feet of

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