Natural Essay: Safety On Natural Disasters

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Safety on Natural Disasters Natural Disasters can impact all of us. Depending on what the person does to save themselves and their family. It can change many individuals life’s depending on the Disaster. How can we stay safe with all that has happened or that is going to happen. Natural Disasters are hazards to people. Some Disasters can be stopped some cannot. Many people get scared when they hear about a Natural Disaster. Some Disasters may scare you depending on where they are or how fast it is coming toward you. You would not want to get stuck I anything that bad. There are many that die from these or severely hurt themselves. There are three types of Disasters. There are Geological, Hydrological, and Climatological. They are Avalanches, Earthquakes, Landslides, Volcanoes, Floods, Tornadoes, Tsunami, Blizzards, Droughts, Hurricanes and Cyclones, Wildfires, and other Disasters. In 1970 an Earthquake hit off the coast of Peru that caused an avalanche go down the mountain. The mountain was named Mount Huascaran with the elevation of 6768. The avalanche was in Yungay, Peru and it went down to mountain at 100 MPH. It had 80,000,000 feet of snow. It traveled down the mountain for 11 miles burying to town in Peru. There was about 300 feet of debris in the town by Yungay named Ranrahirca. Every year there are hundreds of people that die and they are snowboarders, skiers, or snowmobilers. How to prepare yourself when you are in one. Wear a signal device that can tell you your
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