Natural Factors: Cause And Natural Causes Of Climate Change

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Climate change can be defined as the alteration of weather patterns over time which includes changes temperature, rainfall or even droughts. The spatial aspect; earth’s axis of rotation and sun emission, is one of the random, uncontrollable natural factors which causes this. However the most common reason for climate change is the excess of greenhouse gases. Natural causes such as soil emissions and decaying organic matter play a certain role in those greenhouse gas emissions. Yet the contribution of natural causes to recent climate change is negligible compared to anthropogenic causes. The negative alterations caused by the greenhouse gas emitted by humans have a much more significant impact than natural factors. One of the main natural causes of climate change is natural greenhouse gas emission. The sunlight absorbed by the earth and re-emitted as radiation is trapped by the greenhouse gases, consequently warming up the atmosphere. The increase in temperature itself is a climate change but it also increases probability of draught and prolonged heat waves, hurricanes, and heavier rainfall in certain areas. Natural processes result in mostly three significant greenhouse gasses; carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane. First of all the natural process of decomposition of organic products releases carbon dioxide in the soil which then emits it back into the atmosphere. In general this is only a problem in fall; it is a natural cycle because in spring time the plants absorb

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