Fertilizer Vs Organic Fertilizer Essay

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Many people argue whether an natural fertilizer or an chemical fertilizer helps plant growth. There are many differences between the two fertilizers as far as how much nutrients are found in it and the long term effect of the plants. The question is how do gardeners decided which fertilizer will benefit their plants the most?
There are many advantages to using a more natural fertilizer. This fertilizer has a more long term effect, the fertilizer improves the structure of the soil which makes it easier to hold water and the nutrients it needs to be a long lasting plant(A comparison between). There are not any toxic chemicals that can kill your plant and you can never add too much fertilizer, because there are no toxic buildups. This natural fertilizer is great for our environment, it is renewable and biodegradable, this means we can always have a large supply of the fertilizer.
There are also downfalls to go with the natural
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One of the biggest problems are the soil is seasonable, it works best through the warm months because it has to break down and release nutrients into the air. Another problem farmers find with is the fertilizer takes time , the nutrients make time to break down and some people expect instant improvement and this soil will not do that for them(Chemical Fertilizer vs Organic). The nutrient level is lower than the chemical fertilizer, it can still do the same thing it just produces less nutrients in the long run. Just like the natural fertilizer the chemical fertilizer has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest advantage is it has an instant improvement, humans have the natural desire to be impatient so most run to to the chemical fertilizer. The chemical soil is also cheaper than the natural fertilizer because it uses less products than the natural soil, which also catches the eyes of the gardeners . The nutrients in the chemical soil is just like graderns would

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