Natural Gait

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Tips to Achieve a Natural Gait, Posture, and Mobility

Your gait and posture does not only affect your mobility. The way you stand, sit or walk impacts your body's biomechanics, which also impacts your overall health and well-being.

It's important, therefore, to pay attention to your gait and posture, especially if you want to sustain your physical activities. Focusing on these aspects enable you to do simple movements better, as well as prevent pain, discomfort or injury as your body ages.

How an Abnormal Gait Affects Your Health

Walking, for instance, might be the most natural thing to do but a lot of people actually make improper steps, according to Dr. George Trachtenberg on Podiatry Today. These abnormal movements contribute to the stress and
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It’s the more efficient way to walk than starting with your toes. Experts learned that people who primarily walk toe first move 10 percent slower than those who adapt the heel-to-toe style.

Practice the heel-to-toe walk at home by doing eight steps forwards and backwards:

Pretend you’re walking on a tightrope or a plank.
Step one foot forward with your heel touching the ground first.
Roll your weight and balance onto your big toe.
Use your big toe as well to support your body as you lift your heel from the ground.
Follow the same line and put your other foot directly in front of the other.
Repeat the process as long and as often as you’re comfortable.

Every person has their particular stride and you will know that yours isn't natural if you feel some strain on your muscles. You have to adjust your stride to achieve your natural movement. Practice your steps properly when you do your daily walking exercises.

Remember that with shorter strides, your movement becomes quicker. Shorter strides also prevent leg and ankle injuries as you lessen your chances of a

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