Natural Hair Vs Black Woman

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Black hair care is a 9 billion dollar industry with 34 percent of all hair products in the United States being purchased by Black women. Relaxed hair against natural hair has been and still is an ongoing nationwide argument. Many people wonder which is healthier, less expensive, or maybe even less time consuming. The two have their individual pros and cons but black woman have to make a decision as to which one they want to deal with. Natural hair is hair that hasn’t had its curls altered chemically in any way, shape, or form. This includes adding color to the hair and or processing the hair to alter the natural texture or curls. Hair comes in many different textures and no two are exactly the same. It is also common for a woman to have many different textures throughout her head. There are many differences between the two, but natural hair will guarantee longer and thicker results, styling versatility, and an overall healthy head of hair.…show more content…
In order to get to know one’s hair, close attention must be paid as to what products the hair likes and that’s all in finding a product that is right. This process is a form of trial and error and can be very time consuming and expensive. Over time, new products may be needed because of the different lengths of the hair as it grows. These are a few reasons women opt out of having natural hair. Another reason is because natural hair is more prone to getting more tangled which, in turn, refers back to the time
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