Natural Imagery In Macbeth And Frankenstein

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Natural Imagery: A Direct Reflection on Key Points Ever wonder why people say an emotional person has a dark cloud over their head? One may use natural imagery to explain what kind of atmosphere in which the individual is surrounded by, whether it is positive or negative. Throughout Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, both stories seem to have a negative and rather gloomy vibe, which is portrayed through the use of natural imagery. In Macbeth, the absence of light and the reactions of animals are the images that best portray a dark and mysterious mood, whereas in Frankenstein, the mood is best set by the reoccurring storms. Through out these readings, it is evident that natural imagery sets the mood as being dark, gloomy, and mysterious, and this occurs during the most significant points in each story. This type of imagery is first…show more content…
While in the laboratory creating the monster, the setting around Victor is very mysterious which could make one infer that something dark will happen. Victor describes the atmosphere by adding; “The rain pattered dismally against the pains, and my candle was nearly burnt out, ” (Shelley 42). Just as this is said, the monster comes to life taking victor aback by his catastrophic, frightening looks. The gloomy atmosphere reflects exactly onto the key event of the creation of the monster. After the death of his brother, victor decides to travel to a summit. A storm begins and “the rain was pouring in torrents, and thick mists hid the summits of the mountain.” (Shelley 78). The dark and stormy imagery gives an idea of what will happen next. As he reaches the top of the glacier, Victor sees a creature rushing toward him and soon realizes it is the monster. They have a short dispute, and Victor curses while telling him to go away. Evidently, the imagery in this reading sets the mood as dark and gloomy, reflecting on the situation soon to
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