Natural Language In Wordsworth And Coleridge's Poetry

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Wordsworth and Coleridge aimed to create poetry written in everyday language as opposed to the elevated, artificial language used prior to the Romantic period. Most importantly, in the Preface 1800 edition, Wordsworth emphasized how each poem in the collection was an “experiment” in language usage as he wanted to see if colloquial language could be used effectively in poetry. By focusing on “natural” language, their works would allow to be read by a wider audience as the diction is straightforward in which everyone can understand. In addition, this language was less under restraint, so emotions that were conveyed were much more pure as social vanity were nonsexist in the works. The poem We Are Seven, by William Wordsworth relates to the Preface of the Lyrical Ballads 1800 edition in relation to language as the non-complexed diction made reading poetry a pleasure for the common individuals while penetrating feelings to their hearts. Wordsworth’s poetry used real language of men to spark sensations in their body to feel some sort of pleasure when reading the work. Although both authors used “natural” characters and circumstances in their poetry, they instilled dull scenes with an uncommon way of presentation to help readers see these sights with different eyes. “The principal object then which I proposed to myself in these Poems was to make the incidents of common life interesting by tracing in them, truly though not ostentatiously, the primary laws of our nature: chiefly
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