Natural Language Processing Research Paper

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Natural language processing is the area of research & application that explores how computers can be used to understand & then manipulate natural language text or speech to do useful things.Natural language processing is a technique by which machine will become more human, so
Reducing the distance between people and Machine can be reduced. So, in the simple sense NLP make human and machine communication very easy.
Natural language processing systems to take the word (sentence) string as its input and produces structures to capture the meaning of these strings as its output. Output depends largely on the nature of the task at hand. As an interface to connect to the database natural language understanding systems may accept English problems
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For programming, however, the need for formal communication with the computer programming language has been granted. We want to challenge this assumption.
MITCOE, Department of Computer Engineering, Pune 2015-16 1
Sentimental Analysis and Emotion Recognition
We I think that modern natural language processing technology allows the fullest possible use of natural language programming ideas, thus greatly improving the programming non-professional user accessibility. To Feasibility displays of natural language programming, the paper tackles what is considered some of the most difficult situations: the steps and cycles.

NLP is a field of computer science, artificial intelligence, and the computational linguistics are concerned with interactions between computers and human languages.
 Therefore in simple sense NLP makes human to communicate with the machine easily.
 NLP refers to the use and ability of a system to process sentences in natural language such as english rather than specialized artificial computer language such as c ,c++.
 As such, NLP is related to the area of humancomputer
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Also there is much ambiguity in natural language. Many words have several meanings and sentences may have different meanings in different contexts. This made creation of programs that understands a natural language,a challenging task. 3.3 Phases of NLP
1.Natural Language Understanding
It takes some spoken/typed sentence and working out what it means.
2.Natural Language Generation
Takes some formal representation of what you want to say and works out in a way to express it in a natural (human) language (e.g., English)
MITCOE, Department of Computer Engineering, Pune 2015-16 5
Sentimental Analysis and Emotion Recognition
Chapter 4
Natural Language Understanding
Understanding language means, among other things,knowing that what the concepts ,a word or phrase stand for and knowing how those concept together in a meaningful way. It is ironic that the natural language,which is the symbol system that makes easy for human to learn and use, is hardest for computer to
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