Natural Law Vs Secular Law

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Natural Law prevails over Secular Law. Secular Law is a mechanism to uphold Natural Law It is undeniable that Natural Law is the foundation of Secular Law as being stated by our president speaker. The development of Secular Law has proved the importance of Natural Law as well as the root of Secular Law. The following evidence will show how Natural Law prevails over secular law. Natural Law and Criminal Law Firstly, we will be looking into Natural Law and Criminal Law. In the Medieval period, Thomas Aquinas was of the view that criminal law was derived from the 10th commandments. Ten Commandments were given by God to Moses, to serve as the principles of moral behavior for the human races and later, it was used as the foundation of the moral code and legal system of justice for Western Christian civilizations. It is the law. Any person who commits any of the prohibited criminal acts will be punished. Punishment of offenders therefore forms the main purpose of criminal law. From the development of the Western Christian civilizations, it is clear that Natural Law is used as the foundation of the legal system. It is prevailing over the man-made law, that is, the secular law. Besides, Cicero, a Roman Philosopher postulated that whoever is disobedient to this law of nature: “… will suffer the worst penalties …” Based on his saying, it is safe to say that so long as a person disobey to the natural law such as the prohibition of killing, stealing or etc, he or she would suffer the

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