Natural Resources Conflict In Congo

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QUESTION. Negotiation and mediation is a key in resolving conflicts of different nature and magnitude, critically discuss how negotiation and mediation can be applied in the case of natural resources conflict in the democratic republic of congo. INTRODUCTION. It is the deadliest war in the world today since world war two, yet rarely is it seen on the newspapers or make the headlines on our screens in the news. The conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), which is a mineral rich country in the heart of Africa, so far has claimed the lives of over 3.5 million people since 1998. Every other day more than 1,200 civilians die, some as a direct result of the violence, but others due poor medical care and hunger.. The deaths of these civilians mostly go un noticed.…show more content…
There has been two wars, one was in 1996 and the other began in 1998, which left Congo devastated. During the first war, the two neighboring countries Rwanda and Uganda sent their armed forces to invade the then ruler Mobutu Sese Seko(A very corrupt leader)who was overthrown and replaced by Laurent Desire Kabila as the new president. President Kabila changed the name of the country from Zaire to Democratic Republic of Congo. He also managed to push out the Rwandan and Ugandan soldiers out of the country who had helped him gain victory. In 1998, however this Ugandan and Rwandan forces did not want to lose their role in Congo, so they turned against Kabila’s administration hence starting the second Congo war, one which attracted in other African Countries including the likes of Zimbabwe ,Angola, Namibia who were supporting Kabila and Burundi who joined the Rwandans and Ugandans. This war became known as “Africas first world war.’ WHY IS THE TENSION SO

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