Natural Selection Argumentative Essay

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Evolution has taken a great toll on the world. It is a major key that has led to many other scientific advancements, and this ripple effect curiously reflects evolution almost in a parallel or fractal manner. There is an aspect of evolution—which has historically been identified as the evolutionary drive by biologist Charles Darwin—most commonly known as natural selection. Natural selection is the concept of all living things that need to survive biologically and genetically adapting to their environments, or otherwise dying off over time. Biologist Richard Dawkins, famous for his advocacy of evolution, wrote the Selfish Gene about a new concept, or theory as some may call it, called the selfish gene. He defines the concept as “the true ‘purpose’…show more content…
As previously mentioned, natural selection is said to be the drive of evolution. Many people believe that simply because the point at which the world is at in evolution, evolution only occurs in genes, and that it will thus continue as so. Dawkins even defines evolution as "the process by which some genes become more numerous and others less numerous in the gene pool," (45). The genes that would be selfish or the fittest would become more numerous, while other genes die off—leading to the extinction of some species and the existence of new ones. What about before genes existed? Evolution occurs constantly and has occurred constantly throughout history, which is how genes eventually came about. Dawkins' definition insinuates that evolution started when life started, meaning that it disregards the fact that—by evolution—genes at one point did not exist. Before the earth came to be a fruitful catalyst for life, it had to evolve. This means before life could even begin or prosper on Earth, the planet had to develop certain conditions to allow the prosperity of life. Due to the patternicity in evolution, it would only make sense to step back and look at the big picture to see the all-encompassing pattern at work
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