Natural Selection Argumentative Research Paper

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The evolution theory of Charles Darwin will continue being stronger compared to the traditional religious beliefs of creation. Among the many diverse issues in a society with intense controversy, the ongoing conflict between religious segments and the world of science is underscored. In this view, the following argumentative essay will scrutinize this debate between creationism and evolution to show how the later holds more weight and worth believing. The theory of evolution has proved that the creationist beliefs, as well as their denials, tend to defy logic, reality and science. Science can be considered as an intelligent understanding of phenomena while religion is more of a blind belief. Reality has been proven to occur in the thinking patterns of many scientists, to lesser or greater degree of many creationists and others that do not embrace the theory of…show more content…
Richards Dawkins contributed to this theory of natural selection by stating that the evolution theory by natural selection is cumulative and was the only theory known to have principles with the ability to explain the presence of organized complexity (Foster 98-101). There is another example of evolution in action, and this is in insects that have signs of immunity to pesticides and other chemicals considered to be insect’s killers. The overuse of chemicals has resulted in the termination of the non-immune generation leaving behind the immune ones. The immune ones, therefore, get an opportunity to form a more advanced species. A more recent example is the cross breeding that has been of two different species of shark. One was got from warm water, and another was from cold water. The resultant hybrid was in a position to live comfortably on a wider range of water temperature in response to the pressure in climate change (Foster 101-05). These examples are substantial proofs that evolution is also working in the modern
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