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I chose the movie “Natural Selection,” which is a Netflix original about a male social outcast who is trying to fit in with a new crowd, but then gets involved in a dangerous situation with almost no way out. This movie takes place at Blue Rock High School with three main characters. The three main characters are Tyler Evans--the social outcast, Paige Thomas, and Indrid Wardin. The movie begins with Tyler and his mother driving to their new home and unpacking boxes upon their arrival. Tyler is a shy, high school senior who has just transferred to a new school while desperately seeking direction from a world that seems to have abandoned him. Tyler As he wanders through the high school, he ends up meeting Mr. Stevenson--the school security--who…show more content…
With an absentee, alcoholic, single mother and no father in the picture, life at home wasn’t the best. Throughout the movie, Tyler was faced with the challenges of maintaining his education, health, while also being responsible for taking care of his mother. Tyler looks to his new friend, Indrid, who seemed to have everything figured out, but soon comes to find out it’s nothing like it seems and that Indrid has a dark and sinister side hidden underneath. Tyler alters his entire life style to match with Indrid in order to fit in. Not long after, Tyler begins to see the whole picture more clearly but starts to question if this new vision is better? Or could this situation be more damaging than he could have ever imagined? Eventually, Tyler finds himself stranded in the middle of the storm and gets caught up in something that may be over his powers of capability. I choose to follow the approach of the hero’s journey and explain that the end result is either for a treasure or to complete a task, but the elements will remain the same. The humble, reluctant hero is called to an…show more content…
In the movie, Tyler creates close friendships with Paige and Mr. Stevenson. Tyler never had a close relationship with his mom that would be able to provide him with the help he needed. However, Paige was able to fill the void and provided Tyler with support and help that he needed. She also provided Tyler with words of encouragement that allow him to not feel so alone in a world full of strangers. Tyler also meets Mr. Stevenson when he tries to break up a fight between Indrid and Ingrid's sisters boyfriend. While sitting down with Mr. Stevenson as he filled out the school report, Tyler views the security cameras and asked if he always did school security, Mr. Stevenson’s response was, “I used to be a cop, actually.” Mr. Stevenson explains that he quit the force a while back and that at the time it seemed like the best thing. Tyler then proceeded with, why Mr. Stevenson had quit, the response was, “I had a close call one night when I was out patrolling alone. It was a home invasion and the guy was attacking the women who had a young daughter and a gun as well.” Mr. Stevenson explains how he tried his best to talk some sense into the guy but things deteriorate pretty quickly and people got hurt. While Mr. Stevenson was filling out the school report he wrote, “acted too late,” while underlying late as a reference to himself at the time of the home invasion. In this moment, Tyler created a bond with Mr. Stevenson

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