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Natural Selection
Natural Selection is the ability to survive and reproduce in a given environment. It is known due to evolution that has occurred over time and how mutation, migration, and genetic drift have changed. There is a variation in traits in animals, for example some birds have bigger beaks that can be used to feed on worms and bugs that are way underneath the river and lakes. Also there is a differential reproduction that occurs because not all animals can reproduce the same amount and there is a limit that the environment can support over time. Some bugs due to their color can be an easy target for birds to eat and makes it harder for them to keep reproducing the same trait. In natural selection there is also heredity
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As they started to produce more offspring’s and competing for food it made it harder for longer beak birds to gather more worms in order to survive. Over a period of time natural selection limits the quantity of animals in the same population. Smaller beak birds encounter a hardship because they couldn’t obtain the worms underneath the tank and longer beak birds would feed on floating worms as well. Competition on both long and short beak birds occurred in the experiment and over time the population for small beak decreased. What can be concluded is that longer beak birds eventually got overpopulated and would stop producing offspring’s because its in their nature to limit the amount of animals in one population. Also the decreased of small bird beaks could also have an advantage such as being able to fly faster and feed quickly on worms or insects thatmmm are floating in water. So my hypothesis of longer beak birds having a better chance feeding on floating worms and underneath ones was accurate after conducting the…show more content…
Mutation did occur in some of the rounds we did in the experiment by having more birds with longer beaks and smaller ones decreasing dramatically. But eventually birds with smaller beaks will adapt to another environment and as for long beak birds they will have to challenge one another to fight for food and probably over time have a hard time searching for food. But it wasn’t natural selection that changed the beak size of the birds it was basically a mutation that was passed on to their
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