Naturalism In Kate Chopin's The Storm

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Naturalism was a philosophical belief that human character was shaping by a natural environment, which stating any superstition did not exist, such as gods, spirits. Naturalism literary movement began in late nineteenth century in art, film, and literature. It was about showing human character for surviving in a naturalistic environment.

One of the naturalism literatures was The storm. It was a short story and written by Kate Chopin. The Storm was set in the late 19th century and at Louisiana. It was about a lady named Calixta. She was still pretty, even she was mother and married to her husband, Bobiot, for several years. During the storm, Calixta was cheating on her husband with her old boyfriend, who was also married, Alcee. Bobinot and his son were sheltered from a huge storm at the local store while Calixta was having super intense sex with Alcee at their home. Alcee left before Bobinot and his son arrived back to home, so Bobinot did not know what she had done. Bobinot was worried about Celixta would be angry for getting to home late, however, Celixta was glad to see them.

The storm was about sexual, extramarital affair, and natural world of woman and man. This story is showing that love and sexual desire were not the
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According to The Storm, there was no right or wrong about an adultery. According to Bible, an adultery was wrong and considered as a sin. Although Chopin completed writing The Storm in 1898, however, it did not publish on a magazine until 1969. The reason why it did not publish until 70 years later was about criticism. At that time, magazines were read by adults and children. The writers always had to be mindful what could publish regards explicit sex in short stories. Naturalism movement was the writers had exposed dark sides of human beings, which were driving by forces of heredity and
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