Naturalism In The Open Boat

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The Open Boat by Stephen Crane. Naturalism had a huge impact and these three help us find out what Stephen Crane is implying. Natural Social Biological. These words help with imagining how this author write the story. In “The Open Boat” you are forced to think outside of the box and reread what we have missed. Nature is a beautiful scenery, but can also be very dark and mysterious ” Page 1 For the tops which were of foaming white and all of the men knew the colors of the sea.” As you continue to read on through this short story The Open Boat by Stephen Crane you then start to see how had this ocean treats the crew on the ocean. There are also many different ways that this author chose to write this story how he did he gives great description…show more content…
Oiler was very unweathly and he wanted just wanted to make a good living and he worked super hard. Correspondent was a good average dude that was doing the same thing as oiler just has a “higher ranking” for the social class. “ Then the captain in the bow chuckled in a way that expressed humor contempt tragedy all in one.” This shows that the captain was just in a joking manner. He was just bashing on the Oiler. The crew met with the naked man because correspondent was a well educated man. Correspondent and captain were a great example of biological they were both educated. When the captain was injured he was still thinking he was in charge with all of his “knowledge” and I think Correspondent was getting really annoyed by the fact. To end, Stephen Crane used all of the naturalism concepts nicely in the story The Open Boat. He is helping us picture the nature of the story, the crashing waves, and strong surf, this has to do with the nature part of naturalism. The social part of naturalism has been shown in the story a great deal, and finally the biological concept of The Open Boat it wasn 't nearly as big as the first two parts, but it still played an important role with helping define the
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