Naturalism In To Build A Fire By Jack London

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There are many different stories that represent be different movements like realism or naturalism in which many people don 't see it but by the context, it is shown. For the short story “to build a fire” by Jack London he shows the naturalism in the story by focusing on many different points that represent those points. There are many points that represent the movement of naturalism like the emphasis on basic instinct, that nature is not cruel but it is indifferent, and the reliance on chance instead of God. In this short story, there is a lot of explanation of the character but he is just an ordinary man like any other man in the Yukon. Throughout the story, there are different sections that show the examples of naturalism between the two main characters the man and his husky but the man feels he is better on his own and does not care about many especially his dog which created an apathetic attitude for the man.

The origin of the word “apathetic” comes from the mid 18th century and is originated

from the word apathy. The word 's definition according to oxford english dictionary is “ Of, or pertaining to, apathy; insensible to suffering or emotion generally; unemotional; indifferent to what is calculated to move the feelings or excite attention.” throughout the short story this word pertains to the man attitude toward all his actions that he was going to do throughout the adventures he was going through with his dog, when he did all that stuff he did not show and amity,
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