Naturalism In To Build A Fire, The Jungle, And Food Product Design

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In the stories, “To Build a Fire”, “The Jungle”, and “Food Product Design”, the authors of each story want the readers to recognize the question: What aspect of naturalism they use to reveal the reality in our lives? To specify and reveal this, the authors use conflicts and ideals which are men’s ability to conquer the environment and people cannot change their destiny to signify naturalism. Naturalism is a literary movement that emphasizes on the observation of reality. It is mainly from Charles Darwin 's Darwinism that nature is beyond one 's control. It mainly focuses on these things. First, it centres on man 's ability to conquer the environment and shows human 's struggle and downfalls. Next, it underlines how characters are controlled by the environment, heredity, instinct or chance but have a compensating humanistic value that affirms the significance of the individual. There are six conflicts in total. The conflicts show the struggles between the forces. With out them, there will not be any tension making no fun. Some stories even have multiple conflicts throughout the story. The stories “To Build a Fire”, “The Jungle”, and “Food Product Design”, mainly focuses on how each of the authors are going to use these devices to answer the thesis question as a whole. In the story “To Build a Fire”, the author Jack London uses a conflict, Man versus Nature, as the main rhetorical device. Throughout the story, London illustrates about the cold weather. This foreshadows the
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