Naturalistic Observation Paper

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The three different research methods are naturalistic observations, surveys, and case studies. A naturalistic observation is when someone is observing people or animals in a natural environment or set. A naturalistic observation would be good to use when you observing people in a a cafeteria. For example under appropriate conditions, you can observe the amount of people who naturally order healthy food verses unhealthy food. Naturalistic observation are good only if you take the time to observe people in their natural environments. There are also downsides to this method of research. There can be an observer effect, when someone is staring at you do the research, observer bias, when someone has a background, and you could also have no control…show more content…
Because I chose to do my research on only one subject, I did a case study. Lisa is culturally different than I am because she is hispanic. When I preformed the case study, I went to my moms work, because Lisa works there, and I asked her 12 questions and follow up questions about her and her culture. Im not able to generalize the information about her culture as a whole, but I gathered information about her culture, that could possibly pertain to others in her culture as well. I collected a lot of data from my findings about Lisa. I asked lisa about indigenous foods she ate, and she said that fried food is big in hispanic culture, for example, Pastelillos, Pastelles, Pernil, and Spanish rice and beans. This is somewhat similar to my culture, we also eat a lot of fried foods. I also asked lisa about her holidays in hispanic culture. Lisa said that she celebrates Three Kings Day, celebrated on January 6th, to celebrate the birth of Jesus and remember the three kings who honored him with gifts. Also, she said she has family traditions. Lisa and her family and friends go to different homes for Parrandas, also know as caroling. My family celebrates christmas for the birth of Jesus and our tradition is to set up a christmas tree, and lots of decorations. When I asked Lisa about the language she speaks, she said she can speak fluent Spanish, because her grandparents did not speak
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