Nature And Culture In Shakespeare's King Lear

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William Shakespeare's King Lear is depressing and has no mercy, but it also encounters many more aspects which are quite important for everyone to know, such as: trails of deaths, battles, love, hatred, treacheries and most importantly nature and culture. Shakespeare created a play where the world was cruel and there was only plotting and tragedy with no shining light at the end of the tunnel. Shakespeare makes King Lear, a natural figure to show the hypocrisy. The connection between King Lear and Cordelia is an analogy for the relationship of nature and culture. It seems that King Lear believed in culture instead of nature, he could not understand his youngest, nicest and the most loving daughter Cordelia only because she had no words to …show more content…

Since self-centeredness did not know how to see true affection, he could not listen to the advice of those who only wanted good for him. He had to be deconstructed, to have storms and treacheries, to have his kingdom crushed, to become human, but it was too late. The critical justification is among nature and culture. The two are regularly rallying, and that implementation has a place in which the two meet and relate and is thus the ideal condition in which to investigate the interchange among nature and culture. If supposedly Cordelia was mute or deaf then how would have King Lear known as to how much Cordelia loved him? It might seem itself, it is the way of life with all the vulnerability that infers, its disagreements, its void, and its outlandishness. The nature and culture qualification is a technique for looking in the mirror. It would be better to understand that our basic anxiety, our truth, is only an expansion of reflection to unique material of thought, and from that unique material we may examine it from its foundations, through its entire phenomenology, or we may contrast it with the truth or nature of things, and observe it to be sensible or not. In any case, we may comprehend ourselves better and dispose of all the

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