Nature And Freedom In Zhuangzi

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Zhuangzi’s Wandering: Nature and Freedom Wong Hei Man 54793455 Zhuangzi is a pivotal figure in Chinese philosophical Daoism. Advocating naturalism, Zhuangzi marks the importance of Dao and individual freedom. “Xiao Yao You”, which is also translated as “Wandering Beyond” is the first piece in Zhuangzi. Xiao means not to be bound by the limit of life and go beyond the boundaries of familiarities. Yao refers to the exploration of boundless spirits and soul. While You means not to be restricted by stress and restraints, to wander with ease and leisurely. Xiao Yao You refers to a spontaneous, leisure and happy excursion. Dao stresses the importance of uniformity, non-action (Wuwei) and absolute freedom. To a certain extent, Xiao Yao refers to Wuwei. One should be sensitive and responsive getting rid of preconceptions and, more importantly, to respond spontaneously in accordance with the natural course. Prerequisite to Xiao Yao You is the negligence of the hustle and bustle of city and social life. One should give up things other than natural instincts. The importance of Wuji (non-self), Wugong (not to claim credits for oneself, not be desired for wealth and status) and Wuming (get rid of desire, be it tangible or intangible) is emphasized in Zhuangzi, with a view to condemning those who live with greed and vanity. Same with Zhuangzi, Laozi suggests that everything co-exists, only when there are ugly things, evil deeds and difficulty do beauty, good deeds and easiness

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