Nature In The Old Man And The Sea

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The universal theme that goes with The Old Man and the Sea is Mans struggle with nature and life. The old man was trying to fight a battle that might have killed him since his pride kept him from accepting defeat, and going back home empty-handed, because of his old age he felt like if he could not catch the marlin than he might have died because he thought that would make him a failure. Not to himself but to Manolin (the boy that he would fish with and would speak to about baseball.) The way that most people can relate to this is that, people do not want to let someone down that look up to them or see them as a role model. In the novel The Old Man and the Sea the way that nature is used is that it does not fight against the old man but it instead is used in the way that it shows man relationship with nature, by showing that even while he was out in the sea far from land he was still given nutrients to eat, like dolphin and shrimp. Santiago also loves the marlin as if he was a brother to him, in the novel the old man says that" Come on and kill me. I do not care who kills who." When Santiago says this it shows the admiration for the marlin and shows the fundamental law that unites man and nature. The way that most people can relate to this is that people who have pets tend to treat them as either…show more content…
He was able to give the reader a kind of bumpy ride as they read on the in each line he was able to give the reader an descriptive idea on what was going on as the old man had to deal with the ordeal of trying to catch the marlin and trying to also trying to survive long enough to catch the marlin and bring it back to his island. He fought off sharks that took bites out of the great marlin that he had captured and by the time that he did make it back to his island he almost died and the marlin had been mostly bone that was left from the onslaught of sharks taking bites as he floated his
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