Nature And Nurture In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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What forms one 's personality: Nature vs nurture in relation to Frankenstein Nature and nurture are believed to be the greatest factors in making up someone 's character. A lack of either could impact a child’s development mentally and socially; on the other hand, too much of either can also have a negative impact on the child 's well being. In a breakdown of the fundamentals of today 's society, nature and nurture are seen through children coming from broken homes, living in foster care, or growing up with a single parent. Nature and nurture both play vital roles in making up one 's personality. Mary Shelley 's ¨Frankenstein¨ is a literary example of how both affect growth and development.
Nature refers to any characteristic passed down
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Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” is an example of nature vs. nurture. The book follows the character Victor, who was brought up with plenty of attention and love. Victor also had many cronies. Victor had plenty of nurture, yet he became evil. Along with isolating himself, Victor let a girl die. Although Victor had an abundance of nurture, it was in his nature to be monstrous. In comparison, Victor’s monster Frankenstein was created in a lab and abandoned at birth. While Frankenstein did not grow up with any friends or family, he was a good being for majority of his life. Frankenstein was attacked and taunted by villagers, and did not fight back. He also took joy in being outside and observing nature. The monster snapped when he realized that he was very lonely and companionless. He allowed people to die, and even killed some. Frankenstein’s downfall is believed to be a result of a lack of nurture. Shelley’s book supports the idea that nature can overcome nurture, and some characteristics are irreversible. Frankenstein also demonstrates the idea that the lack of nurture is not healthy and that society does play a role in the development and well-being of a person. Ultimately, the idea that both nature and nurture play a role in personality, Shelley’s novel supports the belief that nature and nurture both play vital roles in developing someone’s
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