Nature And Nurture: The Six Stages And Effects Of Human Development

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Human development is a process of changing of human life towards maturation that occurs throughout life. Human development is a process of human change towards maturity that occurs throughout life (Salvin, 1997). The pattern of human development is complicated because it is the result of several processes, namely the process of physical, cognitive, emotional and social. Physical processes involving biological changes in an individual that is genetically inherited from the parents such as height, weight, skill and behavior. Biological process is a process of maturation. Meanwhile, the cognitive process involving a change of thought and ingenuity of the individual. Social and emotional development is a process of change in the individual 's relationships with other individuals. The stages of human development occurs through two phrases, ie phrases and phrases embryos after birth. Developments will occur according to different rates. . Changes cannot be measured in fixed but can be seen through changes in the nature. Nature and nurture will effect of human development. nature refers to heritage of biological organisms. While, nurture refers to the experience of the environment. Generally, there are six stages of life that occurred in human development, namely the unborn, infants, children, adolescents, adults and the elderly.

Firstly, the process of human development is pregnancy. Pregnancy occurs due to the occurrence of the fertilization process ie when the ovum and the

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