Nature And Romanticism: The Relationship Between Man And Nature

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The relationship between man and nature can be described in three manners. If we take a glance of how the romanticists point of view of nature, they see it as a source of health. They loved nature, and what you did to nature, it will come back to you, as I can quote “if you spit on nature, nature will spit on you”. Their thought of the nature was the opposite of the materialistic society, nature was an inspiration for them and a true wisdom. Compared to today’s action, and how people see nature today is far from romanticisms point of view. People today do like nature, and they are evident aware of how people treat nature. But somehow the technology is taking over the word, and we’re living in a materialistic society where nature isn’t a big part of how we communicate, as people did in the romanticism. A third manner to look on nature can be the religious point of view, they see people as God’s helper, that can master nature as such as animals etc. The human being is the dominant one in the world, and the man can do whatever they want against nature.

People at the time in the Romanticism had thoughts of that you could escape into feelings, they meant that it was the most important part of the human mental life. Romanticists were not interested in nature for its own sake, which William Wordsworth exemplify, because he did not have any interesting of nature for his own sake, but that thought that nature affects the human mind and their personalities. In his poem “The tables
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