Nature And Scope Of Quasi-Judicial Authority

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Nature and Scope of Quasi-Judicial Authority Introduction Quasi –Judicial Authorities are organisations or bodies which have powers similar to law imposing bodies but these bodies are not courts. They generally part of functions of executive organ of the State. The quasi-judicial authorities can be defined as organisation of the State, other than judicial or legislature, which affects the rights of private parties through their either adjudication or rule making power. These agenise exercise discretion in many matters that are essentially judicial in character. This paper talks about the nature and scope of quasi-judicial authorities. What is Quasi-Judicial Authority The word quasi derived from two Latin words, Quam and Si’, quam means ‘as much as’ and Si means ‘if’. The meaning of prefix quasi is – ‘similar to but not exactly the same as’. Quasi-judicial action refers to those actions and powers exercised by executive/administrative authorities that are required to investigate, ascertain facts and draw conclusion. When administrative authorities acting as quasi-judicial authority, they do hearing and investigation and proclaim orders and judgment. Thus quasi-judicial proceeding are similar to but not exactly court proceedings. Nature of Quasi-Judicial Authority A judicial function of authority presupposes a dispute between two or more parties, and it has four requisites. 1. presentation of the cases by disputing parties to the authority 2. If the dispute is the question

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