Nature Of Man In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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“Human nature is not black and white but black and grey,” quote by Graham Greene. The Lord of the Flies, by William Golding published in 1954. The boys are stuck on an island where they experienced their true nature. Ralph, the leader, controlled, the civilized tribe, until Jack becomes chief leading them to the downfall of savagery and terror. Fear eats the tribe up until a savior( the adult) comes. In Golding’s novel, he focus on man’s true nature and the modern nature of man. The parallel of the Lord of the Flies using the conch as the symbol of Freedom under democracy. Ralph stated, “I’ll give the conch to the next person to speak. He can hold it when he’s speaking”(pg. 33). In a deeper level Ralph refers to the government during…show more content…
“They passed the place where the tribe danced...NO one doubted that the tribe would be found at Castle Rock”(174). Referring back to WWII, Britain and France were so afraid and scared from WWI that they let Germany do what they pleased to avoid another war at any cost. In the novel they use the place where they danced as the horrifying scar of WWI and leaving the tribe as the Axis power or tyrants in their powerful nation. That’s when a savior came from the ocean,“A naval officer stood in the sand, looking down at Ralph in wary astonishment,” (200). The naval officer is Churchill, he’s the “god” who acted upon the war and started to end WWII, making him look like a savior to Britain and others. It is also mentioned that there was another officer who could represent the US because from afar they were aware and supportive of their allies until they got involved still showing support; it is inferred that most of the boys(people involved in the war) and the other officer(Churchill) go on the same boat to go to where their ship(peace, dreams, and stillness) is at. WWII and the boys show how mankind needs saving from disasters and having that need of a “savior” to get them
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