Nature In To Build A Fire

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People have walked the same wintery paths for centuries and fail to make it to their destination but people still walk them. People climb mountains to say that they can. People cross snowy fields to get to the other side but people rarely do. In the short documentary Cold by Anson Fogel and the short story To Build a Fire by Jack London it shows people going head to head with nature. They show that if you don’t respect, and accept nature then you will have no motivation to live. That is the decision made when someone wants to climb a mountain or cross a field. That will cause the death of the people that want to take risks to prove something. The power of nature can be stronger and have more of an impact when one gives no respect to it. In To Build a Fire, the man had no respect for nature. He didn’t respect the fact that nature is stronger than any man. He went outside in below freezing weather and thought he could make it, but he couldn 't. He treated the land like it was something that could change to meet his needs. Nature will not stop or slow down because a man wants to go on an adventure. If he had any respect for nature than he would have stayed where he was especially since the author never describes why he leaves in the first place. If he respected nature he would have never gone out to hang out. In contrast to the man, the climbers in Cold respected the nature they were walking on. They made sure that they were prepared. Since they had the respect and therefore
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