Nature Of Female Circumcision In Fire Eyes By Soraya Mire

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In the ethnographic documentary “Fire Eyes,” director Soraya Mire presented a biased opinion on the nature of female circumcision by emphasizing graphic content like gore and pain. While Mire’s documentary presents the terrifying nature of female circumcision, the use of graphic content and imagery successfully conveys Mire’s strong opinion opposing female circumcision. However, Mire neglects to discuss the cultural values behind the mutilation and instead prioritizes how she views the act as unethical. The importance in conveying the horrifying nature of female circumcision through graphic content evokes emotional responses in the audience and easily persuades the audience to follow the director’s own beliefs. In the movie “Fire Eyes,” Soraya Mire creates a personal connection with the audience by choosing to showcase bloody, painful responses rather than solely focusing on multiple retellings of women who experienced circumcision. The few personal stories from the women who experienced circumcision offer powerful additions to the horrifying nature of genital mutilation and how the poorly done operation forever ruins the women’s hygiene and health. The result of Soraya Mire’s choice to only showcase the graphic parts of female circumcision takes away the cultural meaning and importance of the practice. Soraya Mire’s strong opinion on female circumcision relates closely with the Western approach to viewing external cultures and disagreeing with practices that

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