Nature Of Human Nature

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Human nature, though remarkably multifaceted, also has several poor merits. Often these flaws amount in conflicts portrayed in the writings. James Hurst first circulated "The Scarlet Ibis" in the July 1960 Atlantic Monthly magazine. The story concentrates on the uneasy relationship concerning two youngsters: a physically and mentally disabled boy known as Doodle and his brother, the narrator. It searches the conflicts between pride and love and lure attention to the outcomes of societal and family expectations on the handicapped. In the other short story, After Twenty Years by O. Henry, the short story talks about Jimmy and Bob, two friends who separate and plot to see each other again after twenty years. Bob travelled to the West to hunt for wealth, whereas Jimmy stayed in New York. Both friends reached the arranged place at precisely 10:00 P.M. Bob did not make out Jimmy but, regrettably for Bob, Jimmy identified him as a wanted felon from Chicago. Jimmy, a police constable, could not lock up his pal. Therefore, he deployed an undercover cop to arrest Bob instead. Finally, Ghassan Kanafani’s Letter from Gaza is a letter Kanafani has sent to his precious friend, Mustafa, who lives in Sacramento after relocating from the Gaza Strip in Palestine. Kanafani’s correspondence plainly specifies that he had envisioned to trail his comrade to the United States, after a period in Kuwait so as to make sufficient money for the journey. The persistent danger of a new conflict between

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