Nature Of Jade

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Most of the human race owns a tamed animal, such as a dog or cat, for companionship. However, Jade DeLuna has jumped to the other side of the tracks and taken in the companionship of elephants. Throughout the book, “The Nature of Jade,” Deb Caletti uses the idea of elephants to treat a young adult of her anxiety and panic disorder. The author constantly mentions a reoccurring theme of elephants throughout the book as well. Explicitly, Jade is a young, overachieving senior who sees her family and friends begin to gradually split as time goes by. Over the course of her senior year she is both contented and overwrought due to family and friend separations. There are many events that happen in which Jade depends on the elephants. Jades introduction…show more content…
In addition, another example of this thesis happens later in the book when Jade characterizes the elephants. To emphasize, page 20 says, “See, what I really like is that no matter what high stress of this going on in my water in my world as a whole (Christmas, SATs, natural disasters, plane crashes, having to give a speech and being worried to death I might puke), there are the elephants, doing their thing. Just being themselves... They 're just having another regular elephant day. Not worrying, only being.” This exemplifies that Jade is very interested in the elephants due to their enthralling characteristics. She also has a sort of jealousy, and yearns for the kind of freedom and safe life they live. She also adores how they are nonchalant,and carefree. At this point, Jade is still very reliant on the elephants for emotional support due to outside relationship issues. Significantly, after Jade is reluctant about her views on the ‘boy in the red jacket’, she sets her sight on Onyx, an elephant that lives at the local zoo. Page 56 and 57 proclaims, “My stomach is flopping around in anticipation. I watch Onyx for calm, her swaying body, her trunk rises to explore the upper leaves of a tree.” Jades anticipation leads to her to think about the male in the red jacket, therefore, Jade releases the stress when she thinks about Onyx. This shows that Jade confides in Onyx for moral support and counts on her to be there for her when she needs
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