Nature Of Mankind In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding extensively displayed what he viewed as the true nature of mankind. Many of the characters that were introduced to carried traits that ultimately prove his point the nature of mankind. Golding believes that people are naturally destructive and unhinged beasts. In the book, many of the boys eventually abandoned all of their manners they were taught for a barbaric lifestyle because they were stranded on an island without any adult supervision to maintain order. If viewed through the eyes of Golding, this is just the boys releasing their true nature after having society cage these emotions for so long. This type of behavior could be why people need some form of government that will keep them in check. However, the statement made doesn’t completely hold up in the book and in life. It isn’t completely accurate; it has its limit on how far it can be interpreted as not everyone is sadistic and evil. In Lord of the Flies by William Golding showed that the nature of mankind is calamitous and power hungry, but it has an extent. Throughout the novel, William Golding displayed how the nature of mankind can be calamitous. Even…show more content…
Certain characters were added to further prove the point that Golding tried to convey throughout the book. Many of the characters showed treacherous behavior that is visible in the majority of mankind’s nature. The shared thirst for power was well documented as it led to the downfall of the boys and is a burden in real life. In spite of all the evil that is shown in the nature of man in Lord of the Flies and in life, there is some good that exists. At the end of it all the message that William Golding want expose to the reader was that the nature of mankind can be calamitous and power hungry, but it has an
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