Nature Of Resistance In Literature

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Oppression is an act of authority or power,cruel, or unjust manner. Resistance is the act of fighting against something that is happening to someone, or refusing to accept something.It is also used to represent a movement considered legitimate. So to face oppression, there must be a resistance to take an action. Resistance can be accomplished by individual or groups in many forms such as active or passive, private or active, barbaric or timid. Resistance starts from 1939 to 1941 during the second world war in Europe, when the underground movement appeared in France to fight the German. It is clear that Resistance literature uses the language of empire to refuse its dominant ideologies. Where domination, power, or oppression is present, resistance takes place. Race and gender are important to understand the nature of resistance. Harvey compared a fire accident happened in Hamlet with a similar fire accident in New York where a labor resistance by 100,000 people. In Hamlet, people didn’t take an action because most of…show more content…
African American slave women had to work in white American households, such as The Help, which was written by Kathryn Stockett.Women are dominated by male "Men are said to have more interest in utilizing the power of abstract reason (mind), to want mastery over nature (including bodies), and to be aggressive and militaristic"(Nicholson 52). There were women who were suffering from raping, such asThe Color Purple, which was written by Alice Walker as Celie was raping by her father and her husband, but at the end, Celie resists and makes her own personality by changing from a weak character into a strong character. Actions were differed from one woman to another, as there is a woman who accepts her destiny and a woman who resists and takes an action. Resistance also differs from one woman to another. There were verbal, physical, and armed
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