Nature Of Sin In Dante's Inferno

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Unfortunately, Dante’s journey transitions from the wood into the depths of Hell where he and readers discover the Christian view of sin, repentance, and the need for a savior. The author introduces his readers to Jesus Christ during Virgil and Dante’s conversation about the lost souls in Limbo. In the First Circle of Hell, known as Limbo, the lost souls that did not have an opportunity to meet Jesus Christ dwell in this place. Although they did not sin, they did not have a proper relationship with God through Jesus Christ. However, Virgil testifies about Jesus’ decision into Hell when he says, “ I saw a mighty lord descend to us…He took from us the shade of our first parent…and much more he chose for blessedness; before these souls were taken,…show more content…
These condemned lustful souls suffer there judgment by spending eternity in a whirlwind (110-111). One of the souls catches Dante’s attention so he speaks with her, readers learn a few things about the nature of lust, sin, the need to repent, and eternal judgment. First, lust and deception are close companions, when Francesca explains her story she refuses to take responsibility for her actions, “ One day we read…of Lancelot, of how he fell in love…”(113). Secondly, Francesca’s spiritual blindness prevents her from repenting, therefore, she must spend eternity in hell for her sins forever attached to her lover as a constant reminder of the moment they were exposed and killed for their lustful passion(119). After hearing her story and seeing her torment, Dante becomes overwhelmed to the point of fainting. His response to sin at this point is contrary to the Christian view; however, his responses evolve throughout the journey. In conclusion, Dante’s Inferno implicitly communicates to mankind through an allegorical presentation about an individual’s detour off a righteous path leading him into the depths of Hell. He gradually learns that God’s justice prevails, no one can escape eternal damnation unless they
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