Nature Of The Kingdom Of God In His Parables And Miracles

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‘Jesus revealed the true nature of the Kingdom of God in his Parables and Miracles’, this statement will be discussed thoroughly in this essay. This statement is true because it is clearly shown in the Gospels that Jesus has revealed the true nature of Kingdom of God in his parables and miracles. All four Gospels contains two central concerns: Christology or how to explain and portray Jesus’ Messiahship, especially in the light of the cross and discipleship or what was necessary to be considered and ultimately judged a true follower of Jesus.

The Kingdom Of God is one of the key elements of Jesus teachings in the New Testament. The New Testament was written against the backdrop of the Second Temple Judaism. The view of the Kingdom was developed at this time and the restoration of Israel to a Davidic Son calling him the ‘Son of Man’. The coming of Kingdom of God involved God taking back the supremacies of history, which he allowed the Pagan empires that had ruled. The Gospel Mark examined the content of Jesus’ Gospel thus: ‘The time is fulfilled and the Kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the Gospel’ (Mk 1.15). Mark is not reproducing an original saying of Jesus but is offering his own summary. This summary suitably duplicates the heart of Jesus’ message. Matthew’s citation to the Kingdom of ‘the heavens’ instead of the name of God. Both of the gospels summarise Jesus’ message in the same way. The centre and the framework of Jesus’ preaching and the mission

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