Tunisia And Local Government Essay

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Nature of the relationship between local and central government in Tunisia

Historically, The Tunisiangovernment, like other Arab governments, always hada high degree ofcentralization. Moreover, Tunisia is characterized by a high degree of urbanization, as about 70 per cent of the 11 million citizens live in towns and cities. Urban sector in Tunisia is the most active sector in the national economy and the most dynamic, with a share of more than 85 per cent of GDP.After 2011 revolution, the new government was forced to re-think the role of the state and central decision, and assess the role of the municipal councils in urban development. It indicated its intention to put the municipal councils at the heart of the urban development process, by making it more effective and active in the planning, implementation and provision of infrastructure and municipal
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Despite the bad situation local governments have been exercising, There is now a broad consensus that the elected municipal councils and mayors should be involved in development process, and to become more transparent and accountable to citizens. The main central government departments (such as loan fund and help local communities, public administration and local public groups) need to cope with these changes in order to empower local governments in Tunisia. In this context, the municipal governments launched a five-year plan to strengthen the local government councils and meet the needs of disadvantaged areas. Of this plan, 770 million dollars, is allocated to municipalities and accountable public financial management reform. Moreover, the central government set the goal to give municipalities the responsibility for their budgets, and to enable the citizens of the local areas to express their opinion on how to spend public

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