Nature Of War In The Iliad

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Estrada, Ma. Luisa Teresita O.
Sir Jojo Nicdao
The Iliad Final Paper

An epic is a narrative poem that talks about heroic deeds and events that are important to the culture of the poet which in this case is Homer. These kinds of poems were ideal in the Ancient world because expressing stories orally was rampant. [1] The Iliad is an epic poem which was predated by the judgment of Paris. Paris was a Trojan which that fell in love with a woman named Helen who is the wife of the Spartan king, Menelaos. After the king found out what had happened, he waged war against the Trojans which then signaled the beginning of the poem with Achilles’ anger. This then transitioned into a lengthy description of the war and ends with the death and
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Warriors value rewards, gifts, and women. You can only measure your glory by the number of people you killed. The Iliad presents the glorification of the nature of war through its explanation. This is seen in the strategic planning and detailed narration of the death of the characters I have seen three events wherein The Iliad has explained the nature of war. The nature of war is glorified through its effects and explanation of the events that occured during the war. First is when Odysseus and Diomedes planned their strategy when it came to trying to catch the intruder where in this case is Dolon. The plan they devised are seen in the following lines. “The two conversed in whispers, they lay stull flattened among dead bodies of the path, while the unwary man came running by. But when he has passed them fifty yards so- a fields width, say, a team of mules could plow, being faster at this work than oxen, dragging a bolted plowshare in a furrow- both ran after him. And at the sound of feet he stood shock-still, for his heart he hoped that at a nod from Hektor fellow Trojans were on their way to fetch him back. He only recognized two Akahaian enemies and took to his heels.” (Book 10, page 234, Lines
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