Nature Theory Nature Vs Nurture

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Nature versus Nurture is one of the oldest debates within psychology that has been going on for centuries. The debate of nature versus nurture is focused on whether the behavior of a particular individual is inherited through genes and other biological factors or it is acquired through influences of external factors such as product of exposure, conditioning and or experiences (McLeod, 2007).
The Nature theory is thought of as pre-wiring whichdetermines the genetics that are inherited such as eye colour, pigmentation of skin and even certain diseases are all of the things that get inherited through birth. Other physical characteristics such as height and weight are not as strongly influenced by the genetic make-up because they are also influenced by lifestyle choices (McLeod, 2007). Advocates of nature over nurture believe that all of our characteristics and behaviours are a result of evolutions, genetic traits that are passed down from our biological parents (YourDictionary, 2016). An example of this would bewhen a person achieves tremendous academic success or becomes a professional athlete, it is usually agreed that that individual possess a high level of intelligence or great athletic abilities. The nature argument stats that this is largely thanks to the individual’s biologic parents because of the genetic traits they passed on (YourDictionary, 2016).
Another example is aggressive behaviour with in people psychologist who side more nature believe its because they are

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