Case Study John's Sexual Russignment

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The biggest takeaway from John’s sexual reassignment is that the care-provider should try to nurture what comes naturally. Of course, there are going to be instances in life that cause you to think differently about your child, and the primary reason for thinking that there was something wrong with John was simply because he was no longer going to be a seen as a fully-functional male, at least from the opinions of specialists who came to see John after the botched circumcision. The belief was that he would think differently of himself because of the fact that he was ever so slightly different from other males, but this change was only physical and could have potentially had minimal, negative, long-term side effects in terms of emotional capacity. It is difficult to place blame on the parents, as they seemed to have great intentions behind their misconstrued agenda to re-gender their other son.
What happened to John is closer to an anomaly than typical. There are plenty of cases of adults, children and people of all ages that are looking to and are even going through the steps to alternate to the opposite gender. Now, with that in mind, what makes this case so unique is the fact that the mistake made during the circumcision was said to have been a combination of
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As long as there is not a strong presence of so-called experts that are essentially manipulating you into seeking unnecessary treatment for the mistakes that have already been made upon your child, then it will not only be easier but will more than likely prove to be more effective to just let nature run its course. Everyone wants to be the best that they can be, especially parents and doctors, but the best precaution to take is to not try to take control of the life and sexuality of your

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