Nature Vs. Nurture Case Study

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After years of Janet Reimer thinking that she couldn’t have twin children. On august 22, 1965, Janet gave birth (nature) to twin boys (nature). After 7 months of their birth, Bruce and Brian went to be circumcised (nurture). Bruce went first and the doctors had an accident (nurture). Due to a laser malfunction, they mistakenly burned his penis off. Bruce grew up without a penis (nurture). After the incident with Bruce they decided to not let Brian get circumcised. Mainly because they was scared (nurture). A couple of months later Janet saw Dr. Money on television. He believed that nurture could out rule nature. The meet up with dr. money to see if he could help Bruce in any type of way. He started to do research on both of the twins and he…show more content…
David finally started to be happy because he was finally relieved. He knew that acting like a boy and liking girls wasn’t weird or different at all because he was a boy (nature). He went to undergo surgery to get a penis (nurture). He once thought that he would never have a kids, a wife, and be happy. He finally got married and was living a normal male life (nature). After finding out that Dr. Money was still using their case that nurture can out rule nature, they decided to protest against him. Once the documentary was broadcast, Brian’s mental health deuterated (nurture). After David’s twin brother died, David’s life wasn’t so great any more. He had lost a lot of money due to a very bad investment. He was 38 years old and couldn’t find a job. Finally all of the problems had affected his marriage. He cried for three to four hours saying that he couldn’t make his wife happy. On May 4, 2004, David left his parents’ house for the last time and took a shot gun with him. David finally reached that point in life, gave up, and shot himself. There wasn’t no point in life that actually proved Dr. Money’s theory to be
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