Nature Vs Nurture Essay

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In the modern world, there is a vast variety of aspects that immensely influence our person perspective about certain events. These factors can tremendously impact the perception and behavior of an individual. Many of these attributes can be conceal under an individual character. Genetic material and the products of the environment can strictly emphasize the actions of each single person in the world. Essentially, these features are popularly identified as nature and nurture. Have you ever studied a specific group of people that contains different physical appearances? Did you wondered why these people have different hair textures, or skin pigmentation? These questions can be easily answered by the marvelous concept of nature. From…show more content…
Nurture”, by Saul McLeod, it cites, “Personality attributes and mental abilities are also “wired in” before we are even born.” An individual can adopt an extreme hereditary position are known as nativists. Their basic concept is that the biological features of the human species are a product of evolution and that each individual acquires are a unique genetic code. To be more precise, the earlier a particular ability appears, the more likely it is to be under the influence of genetic attributes. Significantly, the factors of the environment can absolutely stimulate an individual’s behavior. In the article, “Nature vs. Nurture”, by Saul McLeod, it states, “When an infant forms an attachment it is responding to the love and attention it has received, language comes from imitating the speech of others and cognitive development depends on the degree of stimulation in the environment and, more broadly, on the civilization within which the child is reared.” For example, a toddler can be teach to not have any social interactions with other people than his or her family. As the child begins to mature, the child has a high probability to isolate his or herself from other people. This firm concept is known as nurture. Nurture is the factors of the environment that contributes and impacts the behavior of a specific person. In the article, “Nature vs. Nurture”, by Saul McLeod, it quotes, “It is how you are brought up (nurture) that governs the psychologically
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