Nature Vs Nurture

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The debate between scientist determining individual success based on nature and nurture. Nature and nurture play a big role in determining one’s individual success in many ways, but it also does not play a big role in determining one’s success. Nurture is the type of environment one is exposed to growing up. Nature is something one cannot control, for they are born with it, or it is in their human nature, therefore people across the world do the same thing. In “The Science Of Success” by David Dobbs, it is explained how success is determined by genetics. Using an example, between two flowers. A dandelion which is seen as the more stronger trait, and an orchid which is seen as the more fragile trait. “So hold a provocative new theory of…show more content…
People with no money are more depressed and are more likely to turn to drugs. But also the ones who suffer most are more likely to succeed than a rich person.“that the children who suffer most from bad environments also profit the most from good ones” and in “Money Changes The Way We Think And Behave” also explains how money is valued by people and it is taking away from the important things.“We tend to seek money and power in our pursuit of success(and who doesn’t want to be successful after all?) but it may be getting in the way of things that really matter: Happiness and Love." Nurture often determines one’s success but not in a way that an individual would think. People always think that the more money someone has, the more successful they will be in life, but it is the less money someone has that makes them more successful. Kids that grow up with less resources tend to work harder than the ones that grow up with more. It seems that wealthier kids slack more than middle class kids, while most people think that it should be the other way around, they do not think about how we as people tend to believe that money is the key to success. The nature and nurture in someone can determine their success if they let it, because research shows that a middle class child can succeed higher than a wealthy child because having money seems
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