Nature Vs. Nurture In Biology And Psychology

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Nature vs. Nurture “Men’s natures are alike; it is their habits that carry them far apart.” – Confucius, Analects, 500 B.C.E. (Myers, 71). Continuously the argument of nature versus nurture greatly impacts the world of Biology and Psychology. Genetics (nature) plays a vast role within a person’s life, but their environment (nurture) shapes their character as well. Both of these qualities create a unique individual and people would often argue it is fifty percent nature and fifty percent nurture, however people, circumstances, and spirituality all are part of your environment (nurture). Personally, in my opinion, nurture outweighs nature and specific people under certain circumstances have all affected my life to mold me into the person I am today.…show more content…
Acceptingly parents raise this baby until it develops into a full-grown adult, the child is constantly surrounded by them, obviously fabricating attachment and the shaping of their environment. Interaction (the interplay that occurs when the effect of one factor such as environment depends on another factor such as heredity) (Myers, 71) is a daily occurrence in which the parents control who the child interacts or surrounds themselves with. When I was eleven years old I almost stole a piece of candy from the mall, and if nature would have outweighed nurture, the idea of stealing, would appear to be acceptable. Luckily, my parents were right there and scolded me to show me that stealing will never be justifiable. Nature is my genetic makeup, not my morality. As we mature, we obtain knowledge from not only from our parents, but from our teachers as
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