Nature Vs Nurture In Children

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Can a child’s behavior be predicted based on the parents’ past experiences? I think children’s behavior is affected by both nature and nurture. I believe that children are born with a lot of their parents’ traits but they also develop the traits of the people around you when you are growing up. In the article “Nature vs. Nurture in Psychology” It explains that “certain characteristics are biologically determined by genetic inheritance.” They are talking about how your parents’ features/traits are passed down to you at birth like eye color, hair color, skin pigment, and certain diseases. If those things can be passed down from your parents’ then the behavior can be like your parents too. Albert Bandura had a theory that if children were exposed to violent or aggressive behavior they would see it and behave aggressively as well. Bandura created an experiment called the Bobo Doll Experiment. He demonstrated this experiment and the children that were exposed to the aggressive behavior showed aggressive behavior towards the Bobo doll. This famous experiment proves that nurture also plays a big role in your behavior. Sometimes children might pick up traits from a role model of theirs which is also an example of nurture. If your parents raise you into violence you are most likely going to end up being a violent person.…show more content…
This makes it possible to predict the child 's behavior because they can base the behavior of those who grew up with them. I also believe that children are born with many of their own traits. A lot of kids can learn from their parents’ mistakes and make their own life better because of it. Children can suffer from their parents behavior and they will know to not be like them and work extra hard to be better. With all of this put together I think that it is possible to predict a child’s behavior based on their parents’ past experiences but it is not
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