Nature Vs. Nurture In Clockwork Orange

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A huge topic in the scientific community is nature vs nurture. The book Clockwork Orange exemplifies nature as a driving force in one’s characteristics. Alex, the main character, grew up in a nice household. His parents had decent jobs, food was always available, there was no drug use and his parents weren’t abusive. Seemingly nothing at home could have made Alex the way he is. Nurture didn’t affect who he is. In the book, the relationships Alex hold haven’t made a huge impact on the person that Alex is, they only show how they tried to make Alex act better. His perverse, disobedient, and unsettling nature make Alex act the way he does. Mr. Deltoid, Alex’s PO officer tries to be a good influence on Alex. He can’t understand why Alex acts the way he does. His understanding is that since Alex has good parents he should have good behavior. In the book, Burgess shows how even the purest things can be made evil when he says, “A…show more content…
His gang participates in violent activities such as rape, stealing, vandalism, and many other malicious things. One of the worst gang scenes is in the beginning of the book, which Alex calls, “the old surprise visit.” They go up to a house and knock. To get inside Alex asks if he can use the lady’s phone and for a glass of water for his sick friend. The lady leaves the door to get water and as she walks away from the door Alex and his shaika enter the house. The husband demands them to leave, but they blow him off. Alex makes his way to the typewriter and shreds the work labeled Clockwork Orange. Then Dim, one of the droogs, starts punching the husband. The wife screams along with every punch. Once the husband is unconscious they all take turns raping the wife. Once they finish trashing the house, Dim poops on the carpet. This scene shows how Alex chooses to lead a completely unnecessary home invasion just for the fun of
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