Nature Vs Nurture In Criminal Decision Making

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In each decision made, something in an individual changes in order to make their choice. But what is it exactly that makes a person select an action? What can possibly determine the outcome of a situation so important that in that specific moment can change someone’s life path in an instant? There are many theories on what it could be, neurotransmitter, a desire for committing evil acts, or is it something completely random? One conclusion that could be drawn from this speculation is that a person’s prior experiences could be what sways the decision being made within the individuals mind. Take a look at an evil person, for example use the man the radio lab host’s father interviewed. He sat a man down and asked him numerous questions about his past and motives for carrying out these evil acts on women throughout his life. After a volley of questions the interviewers started to believe that this man would kill for the sake of killing. It was this inner mechanism within this serial killer’s brain that was making him kill the women who found their way into his…show more content…
One common occurrence throughout most of the stories we hear throughout this podcast, the hero in the stories always seem to feel that either something or someone guided them. Without these motives, who know what could have happened to these people. Another reason prior experiences can be argued is because if one looks inward they may notice a trend in themselves. Imagine if a person had a series of unfortunate events happen to them, soon they would adapt to a specific decision that may not be the right decision. The naturally evil and naturally good argument should be put to rest in this instance because everyone knows a good person who does bad things on occasion and vice versa. It’s learned reactions and adaptations that help people make their decisions whether that be for better or for

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