Analysis Of Prozac Nation: Young And Depressed In America

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The phrase 'Nature vs. Nurture" is used to describe arguments about whether a disease is a genetic problem or something that is caused by someone's situation or environment. Depression is one disease that is often subjected to the discussion of nature vs. nurture because it can be very difficult to diagnose and treat, leaving many wondering how it even originated. The book Prozac Nation: Young and Depressed in America is a memoir written by Elizabeth Wurtzel that gives readers a firsthand look of how she grew up and coped with her depression. As she retells different parts of her life, a question that is often brought up is, "Where did the depression come from?" One side of the argument is that the depression is caused by her environment. Many people in the author's life believe that her depression originates from her childhood problems. The author shares stories from when she was little to show the readers her life as a child of divorce and how it affected her when she was growing up. Several situations that she retells includes those about cutting herself, accidentally overdosing, and discussing suicide with her therapist, all of these happening before she even reached high school. Her technique of sharing her own experiences is effective because it gives a sense of reality to…show more content…
It seems crazy that a disease this severe could be something that is almost completely avoidable if the situation is handled correctly. However, as Wurtzel points out, a disease may be worsened by a certain scenario but is often already affecting a person's life. NEED MORE HERE In Prozac Nation, Wurtzel uses many techniques, including personal accounts and medical facts, to show both sides of the argument. Throughout the book, readers are asked to decide if they think depression is genetic or environmental. NEED TO FINISH

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