Nature Vs. Technology: The Relationship Between Nature And Technology

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This essay will define binary opposition and then explain why nature and technology is generally considered as binary opposites. It will further define nature and technology and explain how they are related. Thereafter it will use Neil Harbisson, The Cyborg to illustrate the close relationship between nature and technology and how technology can enhance the lives of human beings. Lastly, it will define the example as technology as hardware, rules or systems by referring to the book, What is Technology? Defining or characterising Technology by Dusek.
Binary opposition or binary thinking refers to the division of terms or concepts into two extreme sides with no in betweens. The meanings of these concepts and terms are distinctly opposites, but they can be related to one another (Dave: 2010) . Male and female is a good example of binary opposition because they are related to one another but there is no in between the two. Nature and technology are one of the most common known binary opposites. The word nature refers to the physical world around us such as, animals, landscapes as well as products of the earth such as diamonds and jewels and everything that has not been created by man. On the other hand, technology refers to the scientific application of knowledge to solve problems and make the lives of human beings easier. Nature and technology are seen as opposites because technology is generally seen as evil and is viewed in a negative light, whereas nature is seen as good,
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