Natures Weirdest Event Analysis

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Natures Weirdest Events In the Environmental Biology class I took this semester, we were required to watch two movies on things that are environmental in nature and to learn and to adapt more of an opinion and a clearer understanding about what goes on around us to determine whether they have a major and minor impact on our daily lives.
The first environmental movie I had watched was a season on Netflix, and this episode is called, “Natures Weirdest Events”. There are several different things talked about in this episode, which were weird yet intriguing to learn, especially new things that I had not known before watching this. Throughout the episode different doctors and experts explain why these weird events are happening and what causes
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The tongue biters have seven legs, with claws on each one that makes them all the more strong and sharp. This species lives wide-range from seaweed, to trenches and even in back gardens.
I learned that the job of this insect is to latch onto a host and crush and tear at their flesh which over time eventually kills that host. Tammy Horton explains that when a marine
Biologist finds a species like this it is a joy feeling because they are so rare. As oppose to a couple buying fish to eat and coming home finding a gross parasite latched to the fish’s tongue isn’t the best site to see and usually grosses most people out. Learning about this and watching this movie so far goes to show what extremes some species will go to, to find food sources. Not only throughout this episode does it show weird events occurring with species, but also with the weather occurrences. 1C) A Third interesting thing about this movie that I had watched, had taken place on September 23, 2009 in Sydney. An event that amazed the world, the sky had literally changed colors overnight. It was a drench, red blood color. It had looked like as almost if you were on mars. The whole area was very
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